iOS and Android app development

I am creating mobile applications for iOS and Android for business customers. I offer no-frills developments tailored to your meet your needs and designed according to your requirements.

I'm offering you an easy and straightforward service, quick response times to your requests and an active participation in the development process so that you can already evaluate your app during the development and give feedback or request changes or additional features.

I just founded this company and am working on my first contract for a middle-class company. If you are looking for a developer to create an app for your company, feel free to email me with the details to receive a quote.

As secondary line of revenue I am also creating educational mobile games for children and young adults.


Three little piglets - Georg Odenthal was founded in August 2017 by
Georg Odenthal, who holds a PhD in social psychology and motivation from the University of Konstanz, Germany and is a self-taught developer who began his developing career back in 1987 on the popular home computer Amstrad CPC.